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Swamp Radio aims to provide the Greater Northeast Florida area with a live radio experience (and podcast) which celebrates the culture, art, and history of Jacksonville and its surrounding areas. During its inaugural season, Swamp Radio will present a quarterly, scripted variety series which draws from the songwriters, poets, playwrights and storytellers of the area to create an audio tapestry of the place many call home. In addition to the thrill of live performance taking place at various locales in the Spark district, Swamp Radio will also establish a presence in the digital arena with a series of podcasts available to the public at no charge.

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Sunday, December 21, 3:00pm

Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth St

Just what makes a North Florida Christmas? Join host Ian Mairs as he explores this notion through stories, songs, sketches and interviews. Highlights include a nostalgic stroll through downtown during the holiday seasons of yesteryear, Jennifer Greenhill’s hilarious and heartwarming story of Jacksonville’s one and only snowy Christmas and an interview with candy maker Pete Behringer of Sweet Pete’s. Musical guests include Four Families, Sam Pacetti, and Leelynn Osborn.


Tuesday, December 23, 7:30pm

Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College, 14 Granada St

This episode will give audiences an opportunity to connect with the past, celebrate the present, while keeping an eye towards the future. Actor Chad Light will recreate the first Christmas spent by Spanish explorers in the form of a dramatized journal entry tracking the movements in the area. Novelist Laura Lee Smith fondly remembers the carol singing of local favorite Carrie Johnson. There will be musical offerings from long time favorite Sam Pacetti, and gospel singer Tarra Conner Jones.



SUMMER IN THE ANCIENT CITY:  The best darn day trip you’ll ever take. Gas up the car, grab a Big Gulp, hop on Interstate 95 South and before you know it you’ll be parked in the oldest city in America. In this live episode, Swamp Radio will highlight the winning charms of St. Augustine checking in with the groovy sounds of The WillowWacks (hometown duo), a quirky and not-so-serious side to the city’s rich history  (provided by historian Wayne Wood) and the secret to making a Watermelon Mint popsicle from the folks at the Hyppo.


Note from the Executive Director / Show Creator

My father moved us to Jacksonville from Los Angeles in 1970. From the minute we crossed the state line, I felt I had set foot on a new planet. The air was hot and wet. The trees were lush and green. Everyone spoke with a funny accent. It didn’t take long for me to be hypnotized by the place. I came to understand folks in North Florida had a certain way of doing everything: cooking vegetables (frying them), making iced tea (with a ton of sugar) and answering your elders (with a “yes ma’am” on the end of every response.)

Over the past three decades, I have been blessed to interact with a group of artists who also shared a passion for the sights and sounds of the Northeast Florida area. With this project, I am striving to present the residents of Jacksonville with a banquet table of those artist’s words and music which will the sustain the hunger we all have for art which defines our present experience


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Cultural Council Spark Grant

Swamp Radio is a 2013 Spark Grant recipient